How we collect personal data about persons referred and about applicants

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Информация за връзка с Теленор, Влизане в сила и актуализиране на тази политика за личните данни

Telenor collects personal data in different ways. In most cases we receive information directly from the applicants upon and on the occasion of the recruitment for a specific position and the conclusion and performance of the contracts with them. Sometimes the data are provided to Telenor by third parties or are received from other sources such as public registers or profiles. Certain data about the applicants are created by Telenor while carrying out the recruitment itself.

We collect personal data directly from the applicants:
When applying for a job;
When carrying out the staff recruitment (e.g. when conducting an interview with an applicant);
In pre-contract relations with the applicants selected after the recruitment is made (for preparation of an employment contract);
When Telenor concludes an employment contract with the selected applicants who have accepted Telenor’s offer;

We collect personal data on applicants from third parties :
From public sources (public profiles in social media, Internet search engines), where necessary in order to assess whether an applicant meets Telenor’s ethical standards of conduct according to this Policy;
From competent state or municipal authorities in accordance with the legislation. In such cases the data are provided by the relevant authorities;
Other sources (e.g. previous employers, save for the current employer and others).
We collect personal data about the persons referred from our employees who recommend them for an open position at Telenor. In case that the persons referred show an interest in the respective position and confirm their desire to participate in the process of recruitment for such a position the same become applicants as Telenor shall collect and process data about them in accordance with this Policy.

Data created by Telenor:
Information obtained upon making a test of acquired knowledge and working skills;
Information reflected in minutes of conducted interviews.
Documents regarding the applicant’s assessment;
Personality test

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