How we process applicants` personal data

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Информация за връзка с Теленор, Влизане в сила и актуализиране на тази политика за личните данни

At Telenor we have created a program encouraging the employees to recommend their acquaintances, friends or relatives for open positions at the company. By this program we aim to provide our existing employees with an opportunity to contribute to the recruitment process while we simultaneously optimize it in order to improve the relations between the new employees and the existing ones as well as to affirm the image of Telenor as an employer recommended as a workplace by the professionals.

In case that an employee of ours recommends a person for a position opened at Telenor we shall process the data about such person (person referred) so that we can contact him/her, provide him/her with information about the position and the manner of performance of the recruitment as well as establish whether the person referred shows an interest in the position.

In view of the protection of the rights to privacy of personal data we have obliged our employees to inform the person referred that they shall make their personal data available to Telenor as well as to guarantee that the person referred do not object to that before our employees make a recommendation. In case that the person referred shows an interest in the respective position and confirms his/her desire to participate in the recruitment we shall treat him/her as an applicant and shall process the data about him/her as per the remaining provisions of this Policy. If the person referred does not show an interest in the position for which (s)he has been recommednde Telenor shall discontinue the processing of his/her personal data and shall delete them.

When a reference for an open position is made the data we shall process regarding the referee shall be: names, e-mail and telephone for contacts.

In order to assess whether the applicants’ education, qualification, competences and professional experience meet the requirements for the position for which the recruitment is carried out we need to process their personal data.

Full name, date of birth, employment biography and educational level are part of the minimum content of the information necessary for the recruitment. The provision of such data is entirely voluntary but in case that an applicant refuses to provide them Telenor would be unable to make the recruitment and therefore the application would not be considered. In the course of recruitment data regarding the existence or absence of a driver’s license, additional qualification (level of command of a foreign language, etc.) are also processed as in certain cases a check might be made of applicant’s knowledge, skills and professional qualities (e.g. by sitting a test of command of a language). This assessment is made in order to select the applicants to whom we would make an offer.

In order to achieve the company’s strategic objectives and ambitions some high ethical standards of responsible conduct underlying our business have been established to guide us when we face everyday dilemmas. These standards are contained in the Code of Conduct published on the following page on the Internet: .

In order to ensure that the persons we hire will abide by these ethical standards we carry out a preliminary internal assessment and thus we need to process applicants’ data. This assessment is in addition to the assessment of applicants’ knowledge, skills and experience but it is not made for all applicants but only for:
positions where the nature of the job is such that there is a risk of potential abuse (e.g. abuse of personal data of Telenor’s customers, corruption practices, etc.); and
the selected applicants (i.e. the ones to whom we would make an offer if we deem they meet the company’s ethical standards).

Telenor provides public electronic communication networks and/or services in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria. Considering the huge importance of this business it is classified as one of strategic importance for national security and certain sites of our network are classified as strategic sites for national security.

In view thereof the applicable legislation requires that the persons to be employed at our strategic sites be granted a permission from the bodies of the State Agency for National Security.

For the purposes of obtaining such permission Telenor must process certain personal data of the persons who have accepted an offer to be employed at company’s strategic sites, including sensitive data (e.g. data about the mental state and data about pronounced verdicts). In such cases the applicants must submit:
a certificate of existence or absence of pending criminal proceedings;
a certificate of absence of mental illnesses;
a certificate of existence or absence of pending criminal proceedings;

Obtaining a Work Permit for strategic sites, where required, is a mandatory condition for the conclusion of an employment contract with the respective applicant.

In order to prepare an employment contract and to fulfill the statutory obligations arising thereof we have to process personal data of the selected applicants:
In the course of preparation of the employment contract the following data are being processed:
Person’s names;
Permanent address
Personal identification number [EGN] (personal/official number – for aliens);
Data from identity papers (ID card number, date of issue, place of issue);
Type and level of education acquired as well as data about the scientific degree held, if related to the job done by the applicant;
The duration of the employment contract;
The base and the additional pay of permanent nature as well as the periodicity of payment thereof;
Other conditions, rights and obligations;
The duration of work day or work week;
Certificate of clean criminal record;
Medical Certificate;
Additional health data in case of specific circumstances. It is necessary to meet the legislative requirements for the use of additional benefits;
A photograph in digital form. It is necessary where the job is to be done at a site with access control for the purposes of preparation of an access card;
Data about a bank account;

In order that an employment contract be entered into the information stated in the preceding item is processed by checking the original documents where the stated information is contained as the listed certificates must be submitted in original as well as an employment record book (if any; if there is no employment record book or if there is one but it is full of entries, a new employment record book or a continuation of the existing one shall be issued).

If we have obtained the applicant’s consent we can keep his/her data after the completion of the recruitment procedure for the position (s)he has applied for so that we can assess whether there are other (present or future) positions appropriate for such applicant, or, respectively, notify him/her of that and invite him/her to participate in the recruitment and/or make an offer directly.

In such cases the data about the respective applicant shall be stored for a period not longer than 2 (two) years, as from the beginning of the year following the one when (s)he has applied for a job at Telenor (i.e. if a person submits his/her application in 2018 and agrees that we process his/her data in view of his/her participation in other recruitment procedures the data shall be stored until the beginning of 2012).