How we protect the personal data of the persons referred and of the applicants

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Информация за връзка с Теленор, Влизане в сила и актуализиране на тази политика за личните данни

Building and maintaining trust between us, on the one hand, and, on the other, the persons referred and the applicants is a priority for Telenor. Thus, the protection of our systems and personal data is of paramount importance for Telenor. In accordance with the requirements of the legislation in force and the best practices Telenor takes the necessary technical and organizational measures to ensure that the personal data of the persons referred and of the applicants are safe.

In order to ensure the protection of personal data Telenor uses advanced technologies combined with uncompromising management of security controls. Our framework is based on one of the most popular security standards (ISO27001:2013 and others).

In order to ensure the maximum protection of data a number of policies regulating data processing, including while carrying out recruitment, have been adopted at Telenor.

At Telenor there is an appointed official in charge of data protection and there are special departments taking care of information security and protection against fraud. They assist the processes of protecting and ensuring personal data security and see to their compliance.

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