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5,99 BGN

Activate through MyTelenor through SMS at 1414 with text HBOGO2

Validity: 1 month

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How to activate HBO GO add-on:

Via MyTelenor mobile application
Via sending a free SMS to 1414 with textHBOGO2

How to deactivate HBO GO add-on:

Via MyTelenor Bulgaria mobile application
Via sending a Free SMS to 1414 with text HBOGO2 STOP

You should know:

The “Dobavi HBO GO” add-on is available for use with postpaid tariff plans with mobile internet included, but without HBO GO access included.
The Dobavi HBO GO add-on can be used for access from and to the HBO GO application, as well as the service’s website:
The Internet traffic to HBO GO depletes from the MBs included in the postpaid tariff plan.
Telenor renews the HBO GO add-on every month until the customer’s explicit request for deactivation of this add-on, due to any of the reasons above.
In case that on the billing date the outgoing calls are stopped for the number that has activated the service, the “Dobavi HBO GO” add-on will be deactivated. It can be reactivated using any of the ways above after the outgoing calls have been recovered.
The monthly subscription fee for “Dobavi HBO GO” is added to the monthly invoice of the number that has activated the add-on.
After the depletion of the included monthly national MB in the postpaid tariff plan, till the end of the respective billing period, the connection speed drops for the whole internet traffic, including for HBO GO, up to 64/128 kbps, according to your postpaid tariff plan.

Terms of use and registration of HBO GO service:

The HBO GO service is not provided by Telenor, but by a third party - HBO Bulgaria Ltd.
In this regard Telenor is not responsible for the availability of the application or its content.
The HBO GO service is for personal use. The use and distribution of the HBO service for any commercial or public purposes is strictly forbidden.
Access to HBO GO service is subject to registration in the HBO GO application or through the service’s website:
When registering, you should agree to the HBO GO service provider’s terms of service.
In order to register you need a unique registration code that you will receive with SMS upon activation of the add-on. In case this code is forgotten or lost it can be requested with a free SMS to 1414 with text HBOGO.
The number of devices that can be registered for use of the HBO GO service is up to 5 (five) as access to the HBO GO service cannot be used on more than 2 (two) devices simultaneously.

Terms and conditions to benefit from the one month free trial period (with no service fee):

These terms are valid for customers with a postpaid tariff plan for mobile services with MBs included in the plan, without access to HBO GO, who have not used an add-on with access to HBO GO as of the “Dobavi HBO GO” activation date and as of the same date do not use a postpaid plan with access to HBO GO.
It is possible to take advantage of the service’s test period for free only once per a mobile number (SIM card).
Under the terms above and with the activation of the HBO GO add-on Telenor gives you a free trial month of the service after which a standard monthly subscription fee is charged for this add-on: 6.99 BGN/month.
The customers who have benefited from this service will be informed with short text message (SMS) before the trial period expiration.
The trial period is one month from the activation date, regardless of the billing date of the postpaid tariff plan for mobile services.
The add-on can be deactivated at any time and without penalty for the customer.
The access to the service is subject to registration with the HBO GO app or at the service’s website, it can be used in the EU zone and uses data which is included to the subscription plan. With regard to the entry into force of Regulation (EU) 2017/1128 of the European Parliament and of the Council on cross-border portability of online content services in the internal market, as of 1st of April, the HBO GO service will be available for use in the territory of the EU zone.“