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1,50 BGN

Message - text or multimedia messages (SMS or MMS) to mobile numbers from Telenor network.

2000 SMS to numbers from the Telenor mobile network

You want additional messages to Telenor? If you are an existing residential customer with a Telenor postpaid plan, you can add the Telenor Message add-on.


How to subscribe?

•By submitting an application in any store of the Telenor commercial network;

•By sending a free SMS to number 1414, containing the code for activation M.

The new messages are available immediately after receiving SMS that the Telenor Message add-on is active.


How to get information for the used messages?

•With a free check via the My Мenu service;

•With a free check via the MyTelenor web portal;

•By sending an SMS with text ‘40’ to number 1000 (All sent short text messages are charged according to the Telenor price of your plan);

•By selecting Check of used SMS/MMS option in the Automatic Information Service at 123 (a call to the Automatic information service is charged 0.024 BGN with VAT regardless of the call duration).

You may terminate the subscription for additional package Telenor Message at any time by submitting an application in any store of the Telenor commercial network.


Messages depletion and validity

• The unused SMS and MMS are not transferred to a next month;

• The additional messages can be used after depletion of the messages included in the price plan;

• The SMS and MMS included in the Message add-on can be sent out only to mobile numbers within the Telenor network, except to numbers of “For Friends” group, if the postpaid plan for the number to which the additional package is activated includes such a group;

• The add-on is not available for activation for numbers with a Generation GLOBUL and Nonstop postpaid plans.


Charging and calculating of messages

• For the period starting from the activation/deactivation of the package until issuing of the next invoice, you will pay a proportional part of the monthly subscription and will receive a proportional number of the messages, depending on the number of days during which you have used the package;

• The monthly subscription for the additional package is added to the monthly invoice for the number for which the package is activated;

• The prices and conditions for message transmission refer to the territory of Republic of Bulgaria. If you generate usage in roaming, charging and billing are according to Telenor prices and conditions for roaming services.


All prices are VAT inclusive.