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International callsPrice
Balkan zone 
Included operators: Cosmote (Greece), Cosmote (Romania), Cosmofon (FYRO Macedonia), AMC (Albania), Telekom Srbija (Serbia), Turkcell (Turkey).
0.99 BGN/min
I zone 
USA , Canada , Russia – fixed and mobile networks. 
Fixed networks - Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Greet Britain, Holland, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, FYRO Macedonia, Monaco, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey.
1.19 BGN/min
II zone 
Fixed networks - Albania, Algiers, Andorra, Armenia, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Estonia, Georgia, Gibraltar, Iceland, Latvia, Libya, Lithuania, Malta, Moldova, Morocco, Palestine, San Marino, Tunisia, Ukraine. 
Mobile networks – Europe.
1.55 BGN/min
III zone
Fixed and mobile networks – All remaining countries.
1.73 BGN/min
INMARSAT *7.44 BGN/min

 The prices are with VAT.
 * INMARSAT minimum initial charge – 60“ 

 All other services are charged according the operator standard tariff.


SMS to mobile networks in the country

0.14 BGN / message

SMS to foreign operators

0.22 BGN / message

SMS <-> e-mail

0.14 BGN / message


Numbers in the

group check

via My Telenor

web portal - free

via call to 123

- according to the price for call to 123

Adding a number

to the group

via My Telenor

web portal - free

via call to 123

- according to the price for call to 123

Changing a number in the group

0.60 BGN per change

Price per minute call in the group “For Friends” for subscribers to the Basic Program

0.30 BGN

Data transfer and fax over CSD

Between subscribers of the operator

0.24 BGN / min.

From the operatot to other national operators

0.36 BGN / min.

From the operatot to networks abroad

0.36 BGN / min. + price for the international call in the respective zone

Other services
Mobile access to internet through CSD

0.06 BGN / min.

Mobile access to internet per MB

2.40 BGN / MB

Daily mobile access to internet

1.20 BGN / 24 hours

Multimedia messages (MMS) within the operator network

0.24 BGN / MMS

Multimedia messages (MMS) to other national  and international mobile networks

0.54 BGN / MMS

Video calls to mobile numbers from the operator network

0.32 BGN/minute

Video calls to mobile numbers from other national networks

0.59 BGN/minute

Detailed monthly information for conducted calls

via My Telenor

web portal - free of charge

Paper copy – 0.50 BGN for each number

Detailed information for a past period

7.20 BGN

Change of property

12 BGN

Barring of outgoing calls in case of theft/lost of SIM card

free of charge

Reconnection of SIM card

free of charge

Incoming traffic in case of overdue obligation

0.60 BGN for each number

Reactivation after barring (after restriction of services due to overdue debt)

0.90 BGN for each number

Initial activation fee

9,90 BGN / 0,00 BGN for each number

The 0.00 BGN fee is valid for customers at signing of a new contract with a standard monthly subscription fee above 24,90 BGN.

Voice Mail (listening of messages)

0.12 BGN / min.

Change of SIM card in case of fault or phone replacement

free of charge

Change of SIM card

12 BGN

Invoice split / merge

Merge – free of charge

Split – 12 BGN per spitted invoice

Calls to Emergency numbers

free of charge

Contact with operator from Customer Service Center

0.024 BGN/call

Interactive Voice Response Service

0.024 BGN/call

The prices are with VAT.

Calls to the numbers from the “For Friends” group do not use up the minutes for the month and are charged separately from the monthly subscription.

Attention: When roaming, calls to the numbers from the “For Friends” group are charged according to the tariff for outgoing calls to Bulgaria.

All other services are charged according the standard operator tariff.

WAP and Mobile Internet traffic through GPRS or number +3598981000 in roaming is charged according to the tariffs of the local operator.

Minimum initial charging of the voice calls depends on the chosen subscription program.

Charging method – per 1KB, initial charging - 5KB.

All prices are VAT inclusive.