Or how your old smartphone can help you get a new one

Maybe it's old, you don't want to use it, you don't like it anymore, or you don't know exactly which locker you put it in, but it's probably still worth something. Yes, we're talking about the smartphone you want to replace because it annoys you from some time and the other one you even forgot you own.

With the BUY BACK service, you can get the value of your old smartphone in the form of a voucher. And with the voucher, you can buy or pay something new from Telenor – a smartphone, tablet, or accessory. You can use the voucher when you decide, or you can gift it to someone.

But everything in its turn. BUY BACK works like this:

1. You come to a Telenor store and request to bring back your old smartphone against a voucher for future purchase.
2. The Telenor store employee responds to your questions and evaluates your phone under predefined criteria, such as brand, model, year of manufacture and condition.
3. After the evaluation, you get an offer with a purchase price for the device. If you agree to this offer and sign all the necessary documents, you receive an electronic voucher as SMS.
4. The voucher has a unique code with the residual value of your smartphone.
5. You can use the voucher when buying in cash or leasing a new device or accessory in a Telenor store.

Like any service BUY BACK also has its terms. Here are the most important in short:

1. Anyone, not only a Telenor subscriber, can bring a device and obtain its value in the form of a voucher. Accordingly, anyone with a BUY BACK voucher can buy something new from Telenor.
2. Not every device is worth something. The reasons for this can be both mechanical and dependent on its current market value. Alas, some relics will remain only with sentimental value.
3. A separate voucher shall be obtained for each brought device. Each BUY BACK voucher is valid for 1 year and is not personal, that is so it can be gifted and provided for use to another person.
4. The value of a voucher may not be used in instalments. In other words, a voucher is used entirely when you purchase one device or accessory.
5. If an amount on a voucher remains unused after purchase, the cash equivalent cannot be redeemed – in other words, it is lost.

So what do you win in short?

You redeem the residual value of your old phone.
You get rid of something old fast, easy and cost-effective to get something new, thanks to the obtained value.
It is up to you when and for what to use the value of your old device.
The BUY BACK voucher can become a great gift or gesture to a loved one, friend or acquaintance.

That's it. Pretty practical, right?

It is good to know what is:

The residual value (the value for which a device will be redeemed) depends on the year of manufacture, its brand, model and condition. In certain cases, a device may not have a residual value, i.e. it will not receiving a purchase offer.

Through the BUY BACK service, Telenor pays the residual value for the device via an electronic voucher sent to a phone number specified by the Customer. The value of the E-voucher can be used only in Telenor Bulgaria EAD's store network for one-time purchase or leasing of new goods up to the value of the voucher, by presenting its unique identification code, within the term and conditions of the BUY BACK contract. Cash equivalent or any value left of the amount on the voucher after a purchase, if any, is non-refundable.

In order to benefit from the BUY BACK service, the Customer warrants and declares that he is the owner of the device or that he is regularly authorized by the rightful owner of the device to transfer ownership of it. If, despite the provided declaration, claims are made before Telenor by third parties regarding the ownership of the device, the contract is automatically terminated and the Customer should reimburse the used value of the electronic voucher.

After transmission and acceptance of the device within the terms of the BUYBACK service, the right of ownership of the device is transferred to * Brightstar by the Customer and the Customer waives any future claims and rights to the device or any elements contained therein.

*Brightstar 20:20 UK Limited, with headquarters and address of management Weston Road, Crewe, Cheshire CW1 6BU, England, in its capacity as a Buyer under a purchase contract through the reuse and recycling service for used electronic device and partner of Telenor Bulgaria EAD.

The Customer agrees that he bears full responsibility for the creation of a backup copy of any files, games, photos, music, data and personal information before transferring the ownership of a device to * Brightstar; The Customer must declare that he has taken the necessary actions to remove and delete all data that is personal or confidential from the device – (1) For Apple devices - Apple's instructions for deleting data, storing data in iCloud, or other backup and restoring the device to factory settings, (2) For other manufacturers - guidelines for deleting data, cloud, or other backup, and restoring the device to factory settings.

A Customer who benefits from the BUY BACK service is responsible for the deletion and removal of any personal information from the device, including the SIM card and possibly other memory cards used on the device. In order to avoid any doubt, Telenor is not responsible for failure to exercise due care with regard to the deletion of the personal data on the device by the Customer.

*Brightstar 20:20 UK Limited, with headquarters and address of management Weston Road, Crewe, Cheshire CW1 6BU, England, in its capacity as a Buyer under a purchase contract through the reuse and recycling service for used electronic device and partner of Telenor Bulgaria EAD.