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SMS Call Me Back

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With “SMS Call Me Back” service, Telenor gives you the chance absolutely free to let someone know that you want to get in contact with them when you can not make calls or send SMS:

  • Because you have depleted your air-time (if you are a Prepaid user with available credit less than 0,18 BGN)
  • Because your outgoing calls and SMS-s are barred from the operator (if you are a Postpaid subscriber and have exceeded your credit limit, or you have not paid your bill on time)

In moments like these, it is most likely that you need to call someone! Now, with “SMS Call Me Back” service this is easy!

How does it work

Enter in your mobile phone *133* and the mobile number, that you want to call you back, followed by # (hash). So, you will obtain the following code: *133*089XXXXXXX#. You have to send this code by pressing the dial key or the “Send” button and wait for confirmation.

Sender of this message will be your mobile number, and if your name exists in the phonebook of the recipient it will be shown in his inbox.

What kind of message the other number will get?

To the mobile number indicated in the request, an SMS containing: “Molia, obadi mi se na 089XXXXXXX (Telenor vi predava tova saobshtenie ot imeto na posochenia nomer)” will be sent.

The text of the message is standard.

How can you make sure the message is received?

When the message is delivered to the recipient, Telenor will send you confirmation by SMS.

How much does it cost

“SMS Call Me Back” service is absolutely FREE! Free is also the call me back message, as well as all service messages!

What else you need to know?

  • You can send up to 5 call me back messages per calendar month. Undelivered messages will not be withdrawn from the limit.
  • Unused messages can not be transferred.
  • At any time you can check your available number of messages for the current month, by dialing *133# followed by dial key or the “Send” button.
  • If you want to send the message in English, dial *134*089XXXXXXX#
  • The service is available within the Telenor network and is not offered in roaming.
  • Service messages will alert you in the following cases:
    • When you have existing air-time above 0,18 BGN, making the service not available for Prepaid users.
    • When your outgoing calls and SMS-s are not barred from the operator, making the service not available for Postpaid subscribers.
    • When you have depleted your limit of 5 call me back messages per calendar month.
    • When you have entered a request in wrong format.

How do I get the service

“SMS Call Me Back” service is automatically activated to all Prepaid and Postpaid subscribers.