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Voice Mail

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Voice Mail service gives you the possibility not to miss any of your incoming calls, even when:

  • your mobile is switched off or you are outside Telenor network coverage area;
  • you are not able or don't want to take the call;
  • your line is busy.

In these cases your incoming calls are automatically forwarded to your mailbox.

According to your needs you are free to change the parameters of your mailbox such as:

  • password
  • personal greeting
  • type of diversion
  • language selection (Bulgarian or English).

How does it work

By dialing 120 you get access to your mailbox.
Your mailbox can store up to 15 messages of 2 minutes duration each. When you have a new voice message, you will be notified by a short text message. In case you listen to your message and do not erase it, the Voice Mail system will store it for 2 days. In case you do not access your message, the Voice Mail system will store it for 7 days and after that it will be erased.

How much does it cost

Each dialing of 120 is charged 0.12 BGN/60 sec for Postpaid subscribers and 0.24 BGN/60 sec for Prepaid users. Retrieving your messages or changing the parameters of your mailbox does not affect the price. When you are abroad each dialing of 120 is charged as international call to Bulgaria.

In order to avoid being charged for deposition of voice mail messages when you are abroad, you will receive a text message with information about the missed call and the number of the caller, who wished to leave you a voice mail message.

Prices are with VAT.