Online Protect on Telenor mobile network

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What you get:


Filtering and protection against threats on the Internet

3 months

test the service without additional charge

МyTelenor App

Activate and manage easily via MyTelenor

For who?

For subscribers of Telenor mobile services

* No need to install additional app.

Activate Online protect on Telenor network with one click and surf safely.

threats online

The Internet is transforming the world we live in. What was considered impossible yesterday is child's play today. But in the same way that everything is already at our fingertips, we ourselves are unsuspectingly close to threats online.

Yes, the internet makes everything accessible, but have you ever wondered if you are safe while surfing? The truth is that the Internet brings fun and new knowledge, but also many opportunities for digital threats such as Malware, Virus, Worm, Fishing & Farming, Hacks on the next level.

Service Description

Protection is always up to date

We are constantly updating the Internet threat shield directly in the Telenor network. We take care to keep the protection up-to-date so that you don't have to worry and browse safely.

Activate easy with MyTelenor application

You can activate protection with just one click. Complex installation is no longer needed. There is no need to register or download additional security software. Browse the Internet safely!

Warning instead of blocking

Your internet protection will not block the dangers, but will warn you when it is detected. You will decide if you want to proceed to the dangerous content.

For all operating systems

The protection works in the Telenor network with all smartphones and tablets, regardless of the operating system of your device. And one more thing - any smartphone or tablet can become a safe hotspot area.


In the MyTelenor application you can regularly monitor the threats from which we have saved you. You also have the opportunity to view statistics for different periods. The confidentiality of your information is protected. To show you all the data, we only process blocked threats, not specific websites.

How does it cost?

Online protect on the Telenor mobile network costs 1.20BGN/month., and 3 months free trial applies once.

How you can activate the service?

MyTelenor App

Telenor store close to you

Activation and service management

1. Log in MyTelenor
2. Click on menu Services and Online Protect
3. Chose a pack for you or your relative
4. Click Activate and voila!
5. You are protected! Manage the service by yourself!

Each of our consultants can demonstrate the service to you and show you how easy it is to manage it. Test yourself on the spot and browse the Internet!

Upon initial activation of the Online protect on the Telenor mobile network, we provide you with a 3-month test period at no additional charge. The test period is valid once. The service is valid for subscription plans with included mobile data.

1. Log in MyTelenor
2. Click on menu Services and Online protect
3. Menu Setting
a. Menu Threat protection
b. Menu Web filtering
c. Menu Blocked and Allowed list
4. Menu Statistics

Surf safely on the Internet because you are protected by Online protect service. You no longer have to worry about malicious websites, software and viruses, as they are recognized and stopped by filters in the Telenor network, as we warn you.

Manage yourself categories with inappropriate content for you - choose from a list of suggested categories which content is inappropriate for you and it will be filtered.

You can add different websites to the lists yourself, so you can be sure that you can access or restrict them.

You can view statistics for different periods. Cool, right?


Online protect can be managed via MyTelenor app, but there is no need to install any additional application on top to consider using Online protect service.

No, network checks provide effective control over Telenor's network components. This means that the speed of the Internet connection will not be reduced if you use Online Security.

You can activate by selecting the Services section in the MyTelenor app, then Online protect and get acquainted with the terms of the service

The service

Online protect management is in the MyTelenor app, you may deactivate the renewal of the service.

If you choose service decline, it will stay active till paid period, after which will be deleted automatically .

The consent

You may withdraw the Consent, valid for Online protect via MyTelenor app. You should consider that immediately after consent withdrawal, the service will be deactivated, and you cannot count on protection by Online protect service.

In order the service to work and to protect you, Telenor uses information connect to some data traffic.

You are protected in the Telenor network, but you should know that Online Security works with HTTPS sites that are hosted on servers using the SNI extension of the TLS encryption protocol. Because not all servers use SNI, you cannot guarantee that we provide complete protection for HTTPS sites.

Short answer is no. If you are using public network (Wi-Fi) or you are using any other network besides Telenor, Online protect service will not work.

You may read General Terms and Conditions for Online protect service here.