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Bank payment

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One of the many ways to pay your obligations to Telenor is via bank transfer – with bank payment order or with bank transfer. In order to make bank transfer is necessary to know your Personal IBAN. It is reserved fo rTelenor customers in Unicredit Bulbank and is unique for each mobile number. If the customer has more than one mobile number, respectively he would have different Personal IBAN for each number.
The Personal IBAN replaces all existing bank accounts for payment of obligations to Telenor! 

How does it work

The Personal IBAN is the same every month and is printed on your invoice. You can also check your Personal IBAN by sending SMS message with content “11” to number 1000, from the respective mobile number.

Important notice!
All bank payments must be in BGN.

How much does it cost

Due taxes and commissions for the bank transfers can be checked in the present used bank.  Cash-desk payment in Unicredit Bulbank via Bulcollect service is free of charge and it is not necessary to know the Personal IBAN.  

How do I get the service

The service is available to all postpaid subscribers of Telenor.