G-Wallet (Mobile wallet)

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G-Wallet (Mobile wallet)

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The G-Wallet (Mobile wallet) service by Telenor gives you access to banking services, bills payments and purchase of goods and services via a mobile phone (regardless of the phone brand and make ) at any time. The transactions are 100% secured through a personal mobile electronic signature of the SIM card and a PIN code for the service.

The service is provided to Telenor subscribers via a special SIM card with the installed G-Wallet application, by “Bulgarian Electronic Payment System” – a payment provider, licensed by the Bulgarian National Bank for the payment system and by Bulgarian banks, that are integrated in the system.

How does it work

The G-Wallet service is accessible through the My Telenor menu on the SIM card.

With G-Wallet you can do the following:

  • Pay your Telenor monthly bill
  • Top up a prepaid card
  • Instruct a payment to a BGN account
  • Reports: current account balance and last transactions
  • Mobile payments in retail stores

An innovative development of mobile payments is the so called “Electronic wallet”(eWallet). It allows you to make payments using the “Touch and pay” technology – simply by touching an electronic chip to a specific non-contact payments terminal. The payment is processed within few seconds and no PIN is required for transactions of up to 20 BGN (for payments of more than 20 BGN, you need to enter a PIN).

You can get electronic chip and eWallet from your bank during the service activation.

How much does it cost

Telenor will not be charging any additional fees for using the G-Wallet service in Bulgaria. When using the service in roaming, you may be charged for the text messages, GPRS traffic or outgoing call in regard to the G-Wallet service use.

The different banks will charge you according to their tariffs for using the G-Wallet service.

How do I get the service

This service is available to all current and new Telenor monthly plan subscribers (both private entities and corporate customers).

It is necessary that a special SIM card, provided by Telenor is activated; an activation of the service should also be done at the customer’s bank.

Initially, SIM cards supporting the G-Wallet application will only be available at the stores and offices of Telenor and the banks in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas and Stara Zagora.

  • At a Telenor store

    A free of charge SIM card with G-Wallet application is activated or a current SIM card is replaced by a new one supporting G-Wallet (again – free of charge).

  • At the customer’s bank

    Once the new card is activated, the customer should visit a branch of their bank where they have or intent to open a bank account(s)* in BGN (for the time being the supported banks are Post Bank and Allianz Bank Bulgaria). At the bank branch, the customer should activate the G-Wallet service and sign a contract with the bank.

The customer should present and ID and then sign a contract for a mobile electronic signature in the SIM card, as well as a contract for the service itself.