Cash in Time Service

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Cash in Time Service

Cash in Time service allows you to get 2 BGN to your prepaid card or 10 minutes for calls on Telenor mobile network.

In case your prepaid card balance equals or is less than 0,38BGN, you have the opportunity to get:
- 2 BGN or
- 10 minutes for calls in the Telenor network at amount of 2 BGN, valid for 24 hours from their receipt.

Once your request has been approved, the amount of 2 BGN or 10 minutes will be added to your prepaid card and will be available as soon as you receive a confirmation SMS. Payment of the value of the service, as well as the fee for its use, amounting to 0,50 BGN will be automatically charged with the next recharge.

You may request 2BGN or 10 minutes for calls in the Telenor network as follows:

sending SMS:

To number 125 with content „kredit,2” if you are requesting 2 BGN amount to your prepaid card or „kredit,10,min” if you are requesting 10 minutes for calls in the Telenor network at amount of 1 BGN. Words and numbers in the SMS should be separated only with a comma, without any spaces in between.

Via My Menu:

Dial *123# and push the dialing button / OK
A menu with options for different services will appear on the screen:

Information available

Service Description
1. Packs with unlimited minutes on Telenor mobile network
2. Pack From - To Add-on packs which include minutes on Telenor mobile network, minutes to all networks and MBs
3. Internet packs Add-on packs with MBs
4. Balance and validity Information about the balance of the credit and the validity of the card
5. Packs with limited minutes and SMS on Telenor mobile network
6. Minutes on National mobile networks
7. Offer
8. Roaming
9. Services

To select Cash in Time service, dial 9 and press the dial key.

On the screen there will be shown a new menu.

Choose option 1 – Kredit (Cash in Time). The following menu will be shown:

1 Zayavi 2 lv. kredit
2 Zayavi 10 min. kam Telenor na stoynost 2 lv.
0 Nazad

Select 1 or 2, depending on the service you want to receive, press the dial button and wait for the transaction result.

To have your request approved, your prepaid card must meet all the conditions below:

You must not have unpaid credit and a fee for the Cash in Time service
Your last recharge should not be done before more than 90 days
Your prepaid card balance must not exceed 0,38 BGN

The service is available for all users of prepaid plans Telenor (excluding prepaid plan Visitor users), meeting the conditions above.
If your prepaid card meets all the conditions above, with your request the amount or the minutes will be recharged to your credit and you will be able to use them after confirmation SMS is received.
In cases your prepaid card does not meet a condition or the sent SMS has incorrect format, you will receive information about the reason for rejection – with SMS or with notification in My Menu – depending on how you requested the service.
Payment for the service received − 2 BGN or 10 minutes for calls on Telenor mobile network, as well as the due fee (of 0,50BGN) will be made upon the first top up to your prepaid card.
Validity of the credit
The received amount of 2 BGN will not extend the validity of your prepaid card and can be used during the entire term of your prepaid card validity prepaid card validity.
The Received 10 minutes on Telenor network are valid for 24 hours from the moment of confirmation SMS receipt.

A one time fee of 0,50 BGN is charged for the usage of the service.

Whether you received an amount of 2 BGN or 10 minutes on Telenor mobile, when recharging a credit for your prepaid card, the value of the service used of 2 BGN , as well as the sum of 0,50 BGN fee will be deducted, or a total of 2,50BGN. After successful deduction of the full amount, you will receive a confirmation SMS.

Messages sent to 125 are free of charge.

How to get the service

The service is available for all customers, using Telenor prepaid services that meet the conditions above. Exceptions are the customers on prepaid plan Visitor, for which the service is not available.

All prices are with VAT included.