Prepaid cash refresh recharging

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Prepaid cash refresh recharging

Recharge just as much as you need!

With the service Сash Refresh you may top up your prepaid card credit as much as you would like and need.

With Cash Refresh you may top up your prepaid card with amount between 6 and 99 BGN (whole number) in the stores indicated with Cash Refresh sticker. Please follow the steps:

You will receive a coupon at the store cash register in which you have to write the number and the top up amount.

After the cashier inserts the number and the top up amount, you will receive a receipt.

After recharging, we will inform you with confirmation SMS.

The service is available to all willing to top up the credit of user/s prepaid plan Telenor plans user/s without any limitation on the number of mobile numbers.

If the prepaid plan of the user whose credit is top up is scheduled to receive special conditions when recharging, then the user will receive the respective conditions by toping up with Cash Refresh.

There are no additional fees to the service. You are paying only the amount of the top up at the cash register.

You may top up you prepaid card with the Sodexo Gift Pass Voucher. If you have such voucher, you may exchange it for a top up in any of our stores marked with sticker „Sodexo Gift Pass Voucher“.

Sodexo Gift Pass vouchers can be used as a payment tool to buy certain products and pay for services that are offered at a cash price.

The service is intended for all Sodexo Gift Pass Pass Gift Pass vouchers holders, the purchase is up to the voucher's nominal value or by surcharge in BGN up to the value of the selected product or service.

Refunds with these vouchers are not allowed.