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Detailed Information

With the service Detailed report for the usage you will get comprehensive information for the calls, sent messages for each month or past period.

You can request or refuse to receive an online detailed report every month by calling *123, in the MyTelenor internet portal or in a store from the Telenor retail network.
The options for refusing to receive a detailed report on paper are the following:
• by cancellation for receiving a paper invoice;
• in a store from Telenor retail network

For more information about the Detailed Consumer Information service, please contact the Customer Care Department at *123.

Service Online detailed report for usage is free of charge in electronic format on the internet portal MyTelenor.

If you would like to receive Detailed report for usage on paper, additional fee is needed, as per the active Pricelist for Susbscribers.

The issuance of a detailed report for a previous period is received upon request and is paid once:
- for period 1 to 3 months - as per the active Pricelist for Telenor susbscribers
- for period 4-6 months - as per the active Pricelist for Telenor susbscribers.

"Depending on the plan you are using, you may receive detailed report for your usage:
Each month - if you are on subscription plan you may request detailed report for the conducted calls and sent sms-es. You will receive it as of your next invoice. Detailed report might be receved in any of below:

- Detailed report on paper (if you have chosen to receive paper invoice). In case you have decided to decline receiving paper invoice, service will be deactivated.
- Online detailed report in electronic format, accessible in MyTelenor portal or MyTelenor application.

You may choose one or both ways of receiving the report.

For past period - if you are using subscription plan, you may request detailed report for your usage for the past 6 months, if you are on prepaid plan - you may request for the past 3 months.
The report might be requested in any Telenor store, and you will receive it via post service with the next monthly invoice or on your e-mail addess (for customers on prepaid plan - on your address).
You should consider that if you have requetsed detailed report (monthly or for a past period) on pape, it will be delivered to you in person to your address during working hours and you have to receive personally."