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The common term 3G stands for the latest generation mobile networks. These networks represent not only voice communication but also possibility for fast internet access, data transfer as well as various multimedia services, which are not available with the current speed in the mobile networks.

UMTS – Universal Mobile Telecommunications System
Third generation mobile technology, which allows the use of new multimedia services as well as fast Internet access / WAP services.
Maximum speed up to 384 kbps.

HSDPA – High Speed Downlink Packet Access
HSDPA technology, which allows increased download speed in the UMTS network up to 42 Mbps.

HSUPA - High-Speed Uplink Packet Access
HSUPA is a 3G mobile telephony protocol with upload maximum speed to 5.76 Mbps.


Telenor provides the services mobile internet and Video Call through its 3G network.

How does it work

For mobile internet in the Telenor 3G network it is necessary that you have a 3G handset or 3G Telenor Connect Center. The maximum speed for using Internet  WAP through 3G handset is dependant of the supported protocols of the cell phone.With an GPRS//UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA card or modem 3G Telenor Connect center the download speed can reach 42 Mbps and maximum upload speed up to 5.76 Mbps.
The settings and registration are the same as these currently used for GPRS.

For Video Call service you need only a 3G handset.

How much does it cost

  • Mobile internet / WAP through UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA is charged according to Telenor tariffs for GPRS traffic.
  • Video Call in the Telenor network is charged 0.59 BGN/minute with VAT and is paid by the initiator of the call. The minimum initial charged duration is determined by your active tariff plan.

How do I get the service

At the moment UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA is offered in the cities showen on the coverage map.
Depending on your mobile phone, its settings and coverage, you can use the services of Telenor through GPRS/HSDPA/HSUPA automatically.

For you

WAP (wireless application protocol) makes it possible to transform Internet information into a format that is suitable for the display of your mobile phone. This technology allows you to use services like: checking e-mail, searching and downloading pictures and soundtracks from web sites especially created for you, as well as searching for any kind of information on the Internet.
The services are accessible everywhere in the Telenor network, at no monthly charges.

From the WAP page of Telenor ( you can:

  • receive information on the products and services of Telenor, prices, special offers
  • activate services - MMS, GPRS
  • search for useful information - cinemas, news, entertainment
  • have fun by "downloading" the newest logos and melodies.

How does it work

The service works in two ways that you can choose from. These are two kinds of technology which add to each other in terms of qualities. You can always choose the one that corresponds to your needs at the moment and means good value for money for you:


GPRS is technology for high-speed internet access. The maximum speed that you can reach in Telenor network is 86 kbit/s.

UMTS is mobile network of third generation, which allows using of maximum speed up to 384 kbps.

HSDPA is technology, increasing the download speed in 3G network up to 7,2 Mbps.

HSUPA is technology, increasing the upload speed in 3G network up to 2Mbps.  

WAP through number 1000

Connection through number 1000 is established by means of the CSD technology. Data transmission speed is lower and you are charged according to the duration of the connection and not by the volume of the exchanged data.
Data transmission speed through number 1000 is 9.6 kbit/s.

How much does it cost


The service is available for Telenor subscribers with Postpaid and Prepaid plans. Charging is based on the volume of exchanged information, not regarding the duration of the WAP session.

The traffic for WAP through GPRS/UMTS/HSDPA is charged - 2,40 BGN for MB, if you are using settings with APN telenor or,for all, who are received, ordered or accepted the automatic settings.

Charging is conducted with accuracy of up to 1 КВ, the initial charging unit being 1 KB (for residential plans 5 KB).

For settings with APN telenor or and charging of traffic – 2,40 BGN for MB, send SMS to 100 with content wap – for WAP through GPRS.

  • Prices include VAT.
  • Charging is rounded to KB.

1 MB (Megabyte) = 1024 КВ (Kilobytes)

1 КВ (Kilobyte) = 1024 Вytes

1 MB = 1200 WAP pages, or 20 web sites, or 100 e-mail messages with no files attached, or 10 e-mail messages with attached files of 1 page.


How do I get the service

For WAP through GPRS / UMTS / HSDPA you need а GPRS / UMTS / HSDPA supporting phone.


To use manual settings for your handset you can use the settings configurator.

WAP in roaming

Using WAP when roaming, for the time being, is possible through number 1000 in an international format, i.e. +359891000. Charging is according to Telenor's price list for voice services in roaming.

Using WAP through GPRS when roaming, for the time being, is possible anywhere around the world, where Telenor has signed GPRS Roaming agreements. Charging is according to Telenor's price list for GPRS service in roaming.