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САМО ДНЕС вземи 20% отстъпка от 20 смартфона с промокод DISCOUNT20 Научи повече


Everything you would want to see in your invoice is now available in an easy and accessible view. You can track details about your plan, usage, add-ons and more, regardless of the way you receive your monthly bill- on paper or electronically.

In the new Telenor invoice you can find included useful and detailed information about the elements that form your monthly bill, such as:

postpaid plan, charging interval and included packages;
active add-ons;
usage by destination- inside and outside the Telenor network, MB, SMS, Raming, etc.;
usage from the included packages and add-ons and outside of them; 
discounts (if applicable);
total amount due for the particular mobile/ fixed number for the reporting period;
information for other services, for example leasing and Detailed information service.

In this way you can see the most relevant details of your invoice, shown clearly and at one place.

To keep you well-informed, Telenor sends you a text-message notification each time your monthly bill is issued.

The Telenor info service offers you short information about your new monthly bill. Each time such a bill is issued, the subscribers on Postpaid plans receive a text message with information about the bill amount and the bill issuance date.

In the message is also included the exact due amount for the mobile number you use.

The amount is VAT excluded. Invoice discounts and some other amounts are also not included (such as corrections made, balance transfer…).

How much does it cost

Telenor info service is provided free of charge.

The access to MyTelenor web portal is free of charge after a registration.

Detailed information could be found on-line after one-time registration at

How do I get the service

If you are a voice monthly plan individual subscriber, you get the service activated automatically once you join the Telenor network. Telenor info service is not available for subscribers of Telenor Home services.

You want to see the most important information from your invoice- quickly and easily in the day of its issuing?

We are presenting the free of charge service @Invoice. With this service you will receive each month a statement “Total usage” for your mobile number at a provided by you e-mail address. This way you can quickly and easily access detailed information for the used and due invoiced services and for your usage during the billing cycle.

Please have in mind that the service @Invoice does not replace the active at that moment paper or electronic invoices. The service will provide you with an extract from your invoice. The detailed information you will continue to receive as before.

How can I activate the service?

In order to activate the @Invoice service you need to be a residential customer with a Telenor postpaid plan and to follow these two steps;

1. Inform us of the email address you would like to receive information for your consumption, services used and invoice amount due to your number in one of the following ways:

when signing a contract;
when renewing a contract;
anytime via SMS to short number 5010
via the MyTelenor web portal.

2. Activate the service @Invoice when visiting the activation page from the email received by Telenor.

If you don’t have your single login to MyTelenor and the rest of our digital channels set up yet, please follow the steps how to register.