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You no longer have to insert settings manually in order to use MMS, WAP and mobile internet on your phone as you will get them automatically and free by SMS.

If you are a new Telenor customer or you have changed your phone, the system will automatically recognise the brand and the model of your phone and will send you the necessary settings depending on the phone's features.

After receiving the new settings the only thing that you have to do is save them by selecting YES, Install, Save, or Accept – depending on the phone's brand and model.

You may order automatic GPRS settings as well:

upon sending SMS to number 100 with text data 
or online,  through MyTelenor web portal.

WAP through GPRS
Bearer Type1 GPRS
GPRS APN telenorbg
User name telenor
Profile name Telenor Internet
Home page
Additional settings (only in case your mobile phone cannot save the settings above):

IP address/proxy:;  Port: 8004

MMS through GPRS
Data bearer GPRS
GPRS Access point mms
User name mms
IP Address
Port 8004
Profile Name Telenor MMS
Home page http://mmsc

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