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Смартфон протект
Смартфон протект

Feel a peace of mind about you smart device with Smartphone protect

No matter how smart and wonderful our smartphones, tablets and smart accessories are, they happen to break in some negligent and even fatal situations or else be stolen. The truth is that such things happen, much more often than we would want to. And for the utmost regret, when something like this happens, there is no turning back.

Fortunately, however, now there is Smartphone protect, or in other words insurance for your new device that you can take from Telenor - so you can feel more comfortable and won't be sorry when your phone senses the gravity or gets in foreign hands against your will.


Smartphone protect is available in two variants, each of which has different coverage:

Smartphone protect covers:

Accidental damage (e.g. breakage of the screen or wetting)
Intentional malicious damage caused by someone else

Smartphone protect + covers:

Accidental damage (e.g. breakage of the screen or wetting)
Intentional malicious damage caused by someone else
Theft, be it - a robbery, burglary or pickpocketing.

The first monthly premium is free of charge for the customer.
This means that the first full monthly insurance period of 1 month is free of charge and no monthly premium is due for it.

What the insurance provides you:

2 претенции (щети) в рамките на всеки 12 месеца, докато е в сила полицата.

Up to 2 approved claims (damages) within every 12 months while the policy is in force

Максимално улеснено предявяване на щета по телефона, на номер 123 (089 123).

Maximum facilitated filing claims for damage by phone, at number 123 (089 123).

Ремонт в сервиз на Теленор с предоставяне на временно устройство, за най-кратки срокове и винаги с използване на оригинални резервни части.

In case of replacement, the Insurer provides a device with the same brand and model or device with the most similar characteristics possible

При подмяна, Застрахователят предоставя устройство със същата марка и модел или устройство с възможно най-сходни характеристики.

Repair in Telenor service center with the provision of a device for temporary use, in a short time and always using original replacement parts.

Ремонт или подмяна на устройството.

Repair or replacement of the device.

Не се предоставя парично обезщетение по застраховката

No monetary compensation is provided under the insurance.

What is the coverage:

Coverage worldwide

The coverage comes in force immediately after the insurance is concluded.

Monthly insurance periods with a termless insurance contract.

How and when the Insurance is concluded:

Upon purchasing a new smart device from Telenor, whether it is paid in cash or on leasing.
For customers using a mobile services subscription plan by Telenor.
At the time of purchase when paying the price in cash/ on leasing or up to 7 days afterward.
On spot in a Telenor store.
An insurance contract is signed.

What is the premium and what I pay:

The monthly premium depends on the standard price of the device without any subscription for services by Telenor and the selected insurance product.
The monthly premium is included in the monthly invoice by Telenor for telecommunication services and the same terms and payment deadlines apply to the premium as well.
In case of an approved claim for damage, a self-participation is paid upon receiving the repaired or replaced device.
The amount of self-participation also depends on the standard price of the device without any subscription for services by Telenor and is known at the time of conclusion of the insurance contract.

The Insurer, who is he:

Chubb European Group SE is a European insurance company (SE), existing and operating under the provisions of the French Insurance Code, entered in the Registry of Commerce and Companies in Nanterre with the registration number 450 327 374 and with a registered office in the Republic of France, La Tour Carpe Diem, Place de Corolles 31, Esplanade Nord, Courbevoie 92400. Chubb European Group SE is a leading European insurer in the field of device insurance. They have more than 15 years of experience in device protection programs and work with a number of European mobile operators. Chubb European Group SE is performing its insurance business on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria on the basis of the freedom to provide services through its Hungarian branch - Chubb European Group SE Magyarországi Fióktelepe.

Smartphone protect is offered through "Telenor Bulgaria" EAD as an Insurance Agent of Chubb European Group SE, as well as through commercial partners of Telenor in their capacity as intermediaries offering insurance products as an additional activity.

More information about the Insurer and its Privacy Policy is available at: and

Here is how it works I n practice, in case of Damage:

In case of Theft - robbery, burglary or pickpocketing:

Within 48 hours from finding out about the Theft, you must notify the police and take an official document which describes which device is the object of the theft. This document is to be submitted to the Insurer.
Notify Telenor via the Customer Service Department at 123 (089 123) so we can restrict outgoing calls from the SIM card and you can file your claim to the Insurer.
Once your claim has been approved, visit a convenient for you Telenor store to sign the necessary documents and get your new device. The Insurer will provide you with a new device with the same brand and model or device with the most similar characteristics possible.

It is good to know:

1.You get a new smartphone, tablet, or smart accessory (in cash / on leasing) from a Telenor store or through our online shop "Buy online".
2.You choose one of the two products Smartphone Protect or Smartphone Protect + that you like more and conclude the insurance. For now only on spot in a Telenor store. Of course, the device must be one of those for which we offer the insurance.
3.. If an accident occurs with the insured smartphone (tablet or a smart accessory) - you drop it on the ground or inadvertently wet it and then you remember - Oh, great I have insurance!
4.You call at 123 to file a claim (damage) to the Insurer. See below in the Filing a claim (damage) section.
5.In some cases, it is also necessary to provide documents requested by the Insurer (such as a Police Report(Protocol) in case of malicious damage).
6.You take the broken device to a Telenor store, after receiving a positive answer to the damage claim. On the spot in the store, you sign all the needed documents about the claim. If you desire, we will provide you with a backup device to use while the repair lasts. Of course, you must have paid all the premiums due to this moment.
7.After that, the authorized Telenor service center will repair your device within 30 days, and you can track the status of your repair request easily and conveniently online.
8.When everything is ready, you go in a time convenient for you to get your repaired or replaced device from the store where you left the broken one. Of course, you need to pay the corresponding amount for self-participation.

The document certifying the contract concluded between the Insurer and the Insured. Under this Insurance policy, the insurer accepts to bear certain coverages/risks against a certain price/premium and self-participation and to indemnify the beneficiary according to incurred damages. It contains the specific parameters of the insurance and has a unique number for each insured device. The insurance policy is concluded in writing and is part of the insurance contract, which includes other documents such as General Terms and Conditions, Addendums, etc.

The insurance policy can also be concluded within 7 (seven) calendar days after the purchase/lease of a new device. In these cases, the device must be intact and fully operational, which is proven by presenting it in a Telenor store upon the conclusion of the insurance policy.

The risks, the unintentional occurrence of which is covered by the insurance policy within the period of the insurance

The coverages of the two products Smartphone protect and Smartphone protect + are different. The coverage of Smartphone protect + also includes the risk of Theft - robbery, burglary or pickpocketing, in addition to the risks covered by Smartphone Protect - Accidental and Malicious Damage.

“Accidental damage” or "Damage" means any sudden or unpredictable physical damage or accidental destruction of the device which prevents its proper operation, including damage resulting from the device being in contact with water, moisture, and other liquids, as well as In case of dropping it from hand.

Malicious damage is when someone unauthorized by the Insured to use the device damages it maliciously.

"Theft" means exclusively theft by Robbery, Burglary or Pickpocketing.

Malicious damage and Theft are evidenced by the submission of a protocol (report) by the police. The customer must report the incident to the police within 48 hours of its occurrence. The protocol must contain the filled in data of the injured or stolen device - IMEI or serial number.

The insurance does not cover events such as:

Theft, if you have chosen Smartphone protect

Lost profits and additional charges due to improper use of the device

Loss of the device, other than theft

Repair or replacement according to the manufacturer's or supplier's warranty

Damage or loss due to wearing out, cleaning, repairs by an unauthorized person, weather conditions, etc.

Damage that does not affect the operation of the device (e.g. scratches on the back)

Loss or damage resulting from any intentional act or negligence on the part of the insured or an authorized by him user of the device

Loss or damage that occurs when the device is left unattended in public place

The full information on what is covered and, accordingly, what is not covered can be found in
Information document on an insurance product (in Bulgarian)
Terms of Service (in Bulgarian)

The period during which the Insurer covers the insurance risk. The insurance period for both products Smartphone protect and Smartphone protect + is one month and is equal to the billing cycle for the subscription contract with Telenor.
Insurance contracts shall be termless and may be terminated at any time by the insured person and in the cases provided for in the Terms of Service (in Bulgarian).

Monthly sum of money or else a price of insurance that the Insured owes to the Insurer.

The premium is paid monthly, under the conditions and term of payment of the subscription to Telenor.

After signing the insurance policy the cover begins to act immediately, but the premium until the beginning of the next billing cycle is not due to the Insured.

A sum of money due in the event of an insured event occurring and an approved claim (damage) and must be paid by the insured upon receipt of the repaired or new device.

The amount of the self-participation is indicated in the insurance policy and is paid by the customer before the repaired or replaced device is provided to him/her, on spot in a Telenor store.

The occurrence of an event that gives the Insurer an obligation to provide insurance indemnity.

A claim for damage can be filed to the insurer by both the insured and any person who is authorized expressly in written form and familiar with the data on the policy and the circumstances of the claim.
The damage must be registered not later than 7 (seven) business days after the Theft or Damage was detected, i.e. the occurrence of the insured event.
Damage is claimed by calling at 123 (089 123) from 10:00 to 19:00, on working days, where a Customer Service Department representative will assist and transfer the call to the Claims Administrator. Full information about the Claims Administrator is available in the Terms of Service (in Bulgarian).
As soon as possible, but not later than 7 (seven) business days after the occurrence of the insured event, a Telenor store must be visited. There they will provide you the claim registration form that summarises the key data from the insurance policy and the circumstances of the claim provided during the conversation with the administrator for a signature.
The insurer will not approve more than one claim within 30 calendar days from the date of the first insured event. The insurer will not approve more than 2 claims within 12 months.

A repaired or new device is received by the customer in case all due premiums and self-participation are already paid.

A change in the original cover for which the policy is concluded is not available. This means that after the conclusion of the insurance contract, you cannot switch from Smartphone protect to Smartphone protect + or vice versa.

The only change that may occur on an active policy is with the signing of an addendum, which is concluded upon the change of the device that the customer uses, due to certain circumstances (e.g. replacement of the device after an approved claim for Theft).

The insurance policy may be terminated at any time by a written statement by the Insured at a Telenor store.

For full details please read Terms of Service (in Bulgarian), Information document on an insurance product (in Bulgarian) and and Personal data privacy policy of Telenor (in English), which are valid for both Smartphone protect and Smartphone protect + Insurance products.