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We know how important is for you to communicate easily and convenient, especially in today’s dynamic environment. So we designed the program Smartphone for all, which aims to make smartphones and tablets easily accessible to each of you. This page will tell you more about the program and its benefits.


A smartphone from day one –
leasing or cash

The choice is also yours when you are buying. You can purchase the smartphone or the tablet you want in cash or lease it. Even if you are a new customer of Telenor, you can also benefit from the option leasing from day one after a credit assessment*. Our existing customers can still take advantage from this opportunity upon prolongation of their current contract.

If you are already using a postpaid plan from Telenor and would like to lease a device, you can do it according to the applicable conditions.


*Credit assessment

Upon signing a new contract and getting a device, every private customer, new or existing one, shall be subject to a credit assessment. Depending on the credit assessment made, Telenor may request advance payment of monthly fees, offer another device or payment of the device in cash.

Additional leasing

You need a new smartphone but have already bought or leased one at the beginning of your current contract for mobile voice service. No problem. With the Additional leasing during your contract you can lease an additional smartphone whenever you need it, without being limited by the terms of your current contract for mobile services. You are paying the installments along with your monthly bill. Moreover, you can pay an initial installment and thus reduce your monthly installment. You don’t need to change or to extend the duration of your postpaid plan for mobile services in order to take advantage of this service. When signing the Additional leasing contract, a credit assessment is performed.

*Credit assessment

Upon signing a new contract for Additional leasing, every private customer shall be subject to a credit assessment. Depending on the credit assessment made, Telenor may request an initial payment for the leasing contract; offer another device or a combination of both.

You can take Additional leasing during the contract, if you are a current private customer of Telenor and have a postpaid plan for mobile voice services.
You can take a smartphone with Additional leasing only for a phone number of a mobile voice service, which incoming and outgoing calls are not suspended. The contract for this phone number should be signed more than 30 days ago.
The subscription plan of the phone number, which you take Additional leasing to, does not change when signing the contract for leasing. It is also not required to extend the duration of the current contract for mobile voice service.
A customer can take only one smartphone under the conditions of the Additional leasing contract. If you would like to activate a new Additional leasing, you would have to pay at once the rest of the installments of the current Additional contract for leasing.

Leasing with pre-payment

This is new and flexible way to lease a device, which Telenor firstly introduces to its private new and existing customers.

You pay part of the price of a chosen smartphone or tablet in cash as a down payment, and the rest of the price you cover with monthly installments. A credit assessment is made upon conducting a leasing contract *.

What are the benefits? By paying part of the price of the desired smartphone or tablet at the beginning, you provide a lower monthly installment and subsequently lower final price of the device. Moreover, the lease with a down payment can be a convenient way when purchasing a device of medium and high-end class.

See how to get a smartphone or a tablet by leasing with a down payment


Modern and accessible smartphones


Here you can find a wide selection of smartphones from various vendors. Depending on your choice, Telenor offers devices with different characteristics and prices. Besides one of the most popular word-wide brands, Telenor presents the Telenor Smart handsets. They are especially designed for those customers who seek the best balance between features and price, and now the second generation of Telenor smartphones comes with improved features.

And if you have already chosen a smartphone, but want to try it out first, welcome to one of the new Telenor shops. Here, in a pleasant and modern environment you can test some of the latest devices.

Telenor Repair Center

We are aware how important is to be always online, even if your smartphone breaks. So you have Telenor Repair Center.

Not only will we repair your smartphone fast and with care, we will also provide you with a substitute smartphone of the same class during the repair, free of charge (this provision is subject to availability). All substitute models are kindly provided by our partners from Huawei, and if you are using an iPhone – during the repair we will give you an iPhone as a substitute phone.

This service is available for all Telenor postpaid customers, regardless of the used device and the type of fault.

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A substitute phone during the repair

If you are using a postpaid plan from Telenor, we will provide you a substitute phone from the same class to be always online while your phone is being repaired. Each Telenor subscriber may benefit from a substitute phone, regardless of the phone type and the damage. It is important to know that the substite phones are subject to availability in the respective Telenor stores (the partner stores do not offer substitute phones) and you you are responsible for the device that is temporarily given to you for the time of the repair.


Moreover, we will send you SMS for the most important steps of the repair process. And still, if you want to check what is happening with your smartphone, you can always track the repair status online.

Telenor Prenos

To have all your contacts, data and pictures in one place, we will transfer them from your device to the temporary substitute smartphone. Thus, you will have all the information you need with you, while your phone is being repaired.

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„Smartphone for all“ - 40 sec

The program Smartphone for all offers a wide variety of modern and accessible smartphones, with option to lease them from day one and use the Telenor Repair Center, if your phone needs to be repaired.

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