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Нямаш думи? Или просто буквите не ти стигат да се изразиш – да кажеш какво ти е на душата?

Изрази всичко, което напира в сърцето ти – с MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service). След SMS и EMS идва ново поколение съобщения.

Какво е MMS?

С услугата GMMS съчетаваш текст, цветни графики, картина и звук в едно мултимедийно съобщениe. А получателят разбира веднага какво изживяваш в момента.

Можеш да изпращаш MMS както на мобилен MMS телефон, така и на мобилен телефон, който не поддържа MMS, или на електронен адрес (email).

Имаш достъп до услугата чрез мобилен телефон или чрез интернет сайт.

Край на литературните съчинения.Овкуси съобщенията си с цвят и звук. Придай им чара и емоциите на твоите изживявания.

Отвори очите на другите за света наоколо! При това… ужасно убедително.

Как работи MMS?

Ако притежаваш MMS телефон, можеш да изпращаш MMS съобщения към:

абонати с MMS телефони
абонати с телефони, които не поддържат ММS
всякакви е-mail адреси

Ако мобилният ти телефон не поддържа MMS, не можеш да изпращаш MMS съобщения, но можеш да разбираш всяко MMS съобщение, което получаваш в интернет на адрес Ще получиш SMS с известие за нов MMS, който можеш да видиш на посочения адрес, след като въведеш потребителско име и парола. Също на адреса ще видиш времето, през което полученият MMS ще бъде съхранен - 3 дни.

Всички MMS съобщения могат само да бъдат разглеждани, но не и обработвани.

For you

Are you speechless? Or are the letters not enough to express yourself? After SMS and EMS the new generation in communication is coming with the MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service). The MMS service gives the opportunity for combining text, colour graphics, picture and sound in a multimedia message. MMS can be sent to a mobile MMS phone, or a mobile phone not supporting MMS, to an e-mail address.
You can access the service through a mobile phone or a web-site. Gone are the days of literary essays! Add taste to your messages with colour and sound! Open the eyes of the others to the world around! And do it … terribly convincingly.

How does it work

If you have an MMS phone you can send MMS messages to:

  • Subscribers with MMS phones,
  • Subscribers with phones which do not support MMS
  • Any e-mail addresses and

If you have a mobile phone which does not support MMS you can't send MMS messages, but you can view an MMS message sent to you on the Internet at the following address For that purpose, the receiver gets a SMS message with notification of a new MMS which can be viewed at that Internet address with a respective user name and password. The time is also indicated for which the MMS will be saved on that address - 3 days. Messages can only be viewed and not edited.

How much does it cost

MMS through GPRS

  • MMS within Telenor network: 0.24 BGN/MMS
  • MMS to other national mobile networks: 0.54 BGN/MMS


Prices in roaming

  • Through number +359891002:
    • to the Telenor network - 0.24 BGN/MMS + the price of the session as voice communication according to the prices of the local operator
    • to other national and international mobile networks - 0.54 BGN/MMS + the price of the session as voice communication according to the prices of the local operator

  • Through GPRS

    DestinationsBasic price per MMSAdditional price, according to generated traffic
    Travel'n'TalkBasic roaming tariff

    To enter My Menu, dial *123# from your mobile phone and press  /ОК.

    On the screen of your phone you will see a menu with different options:

    My MenuInformation, which you will find there:

    1.Telenor  paketi

    Additional packages with minutes, combined packages with minutes, SMS and MB, packages with minutes to the For Friends group – all of which to the Telenor network

    2. Klik & Nat

    Additional packages with MB Klik and packages with minutes to all national networks

    3. Uslugi

    Other services such as Cash in Time, Cash Share, Time Share and Gift Box, notifications that the number dialed is not from the Telenor network, check internet limit in Bulgaria and enter numbers in the For Friends group

    4. Balans

    Check current credit (balans), available minutes, SMS and MB

    5. Vashata oferta

    Access to your offer

    You can enter the number of the chosen option (from 1 to 5) and press /ОК. The information will be immediately displayed on your phone’s screen.

    If you need further information and assistance, you can always call our Customer Service Center. From the Automatic Information Service at 123 (0.03 BGN per call), select the option “Get in touch with a representative of the Customer Service Center (0.03 BGN/ min.). subscribers
    0.24 BGNGenerated traffic, rounded to 1 KBs for EU countries and at 100 KBs for countries outside EU ZoneGenerated traffic, according to price of the local network
    To subscribers of other national and international mobile networks0.54 BGNGenerated traffic, rounded to 1 KBs for EU countries and at 100 KBs for countries outside EU ZoneGenerated traffic, according to price of the local network

    All prices are VAT inclusive

    The price per MMS consists of the basic price per MMS plus, the generated traffic.

When roaming, you can use the service by data transfer through number +359891002 at a speed of 9.6 kbit/s and by GPRS with the operators Telenor has GPRS Roaming also.

How do I get the service

The service is accessible to all Telenor clients - subscribers of a Postpaid and Prepaid plans.

MMS settings:

      • MMS server:
      • WAP gateway, proxy or relay:

Settings for connection:

      • GPRS
      • APN:
      • Username: mms


    • Number to connect: +359891002
    • Type: ISDN
    • Username: mms